Chloe has sung on Broadway in New York and toured with opera stars throughout the southeast. She trained in improv at The Second City in Chicago, workshopped original poetry in East Village coffee houses and performed British dramas in the United Kingdom. She loves collecting adventures.

From New York, to Chicago, and now in North Carolina, Chloe's passion for theatre and film is second only to her love of travel. She enjoys moving from place to place with the seasons and primarily, with the work.

Her independent project, Wandering CityZen, is an interactive travel series that unites both passions.


Chloe loves spontaneous vacations, bad first date stories, ordering dessert, horseback riding, dance and spending time with her family, and is a total nerd for Colonial Williamsburg. A random sampling of survival jobs includes: Teaching Artist, Babysitter, Spa Coordindator, Law Firm Receptionist, Marketing Intern, Rehearsal Studio Manager, Apartment Viewings Host, Cocktail Waitress, and NCAA Tutor. 


She is mindful of how lucky she is to have the chance to pursue her dreams and grateful to the friends and mentors she has found in fellow actors, producers, directors and crew members.

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.

Art is knowing which ones to keep."